From one of the pioneers who helped expand Excelity’s presence across countries to heading the Client Technology Department, Anand H.G. recollects how 18 years at Excelity enabled his growth across different areas of life.

The chief constant since joining Excelity in 2000 has been a consistent learning experience and growth curve. Excelity has mentored me through multiple stages of my professional life by nurturing my innate talents. I’ve had the freedom to choose, to make decisions, and to learn from my mistakes. And, my seniors have always been there to guide me along every step of the way.

I’ve witnessed first-hand the guidance that Excelity provides to new employees, and attempted to play my part towards building on the guidance extended to fresh recruits every year. This guidance not only introduces new recruits to the organisation but also provides a chance to improve their skills and get ready for technological advancements.

To me, the two decades at Excelity have been punctuated with challenging projects that tested my grit, encouraged me to think out of the box, and helped me discover my true potential. Excelity constantly recognises and appreciates talent by assigning projects according to merit and not seniority. For instance, when Excelity decided to expand to Singapore and China, the company analysed and rewarded the work I had undertaken for our India platform by asking me to spearhead the building of the Excelity platform overseas. This turned out to be a breakthrough moment in my career as the strong foundation I gained by working on this project helped me scale newer heights in my career.

Customer satisfaction has been a strong driving force at Excelity. The company views things from the clients’ perspective and introduces innovative modules to simplify their HR-related needs. If these needs do not align with the existing modules, we do not hesitate to go back to the drawing board so we can re-align our endeavours with customers' objectives. We always seek to drive innovation and put technologies like AI, NLP, bots, etc., to good use and create solutions that are tailor-made for the customer’s requirements.

Professionally, I have grown and matured with Excelity.

I now see the world from a completely different perspective and have realised that sheer hard work and persistence are the only way to overcome every challenge.

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