As an integral part of the leadership that drives Excelity, Kalpana heads the Corporate Operations team and oversees the functioning of critical business departments, such as Business Operations, Sales Operations, Operational Excellence and Corporate Governance.

From joining Excelity as a fresher to 18+ years of learning and leading, my Excelity journey has been a progressive one. I feel proud to acknowledge that everything that I now know is because of the extensive learning I have received at this amazing organisation. I have had the opportunity to work with leaders who have been trendsetters in the industry.

I joined Excelity right after graduating in Cost Accountancy and was inducted into the Migrations’ Team. Within a few months, I got an opportunity to join the Quality Team.And, there has been no looking back since. With all the projects that came my way, I have learnt, unlearnt, and received constant coaching that prepared and empowered me for more challenging responsibilities. Excelity provided me with the platform anybody would wish for at that stage of his or her career.

The most important prerequisite anyone planning to join Excelity must have is the desire to learn. That will form the basis of their growth. During my journey, I have had the opportunity to grow professionally every two years, as my role evolved from being an individual contributor to a team player, a people manager, and now a Leader. This journey has been an evolution, personally professionally, supported by constant encouragement from the Excelity family.

During my tenure at Excelity, I have been blessed with two wonderful kids. With Excelity’s suport and encouragement, I could easily balance my passion for work with the responsibilities of being a mother, daughter and wife. I attend Board meetings in the morning but never late for my kids’ music rehearsals or my parents’ medical appointments later in the day. Excelity gives every employee the opportunity for a perfect work-life balance.

My Excelity journey has constantly been a forward-looking one. With endless opportunities to empower me I have been able to carve a niche for myself in a massive corporate organisation.

To make it big in Excelity, all you need is the right attitude and commitment,

and the organisation will provide you with all possible support to polish your skills and expertise, and enable you to grow in your career.

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