Claims and Expenses
Claims and Expenses for a mixed-use development at one of the busiest international airports of Southeast Asia.

The Client

At approximately 1.4 million square feet in size, this unique

venture is set to offer a range of facilities for airport operations, indoor gardens and leisure attractions, retail offerings and hotel facilities, all under one roof. Designed by a world-renowned architect, it is set to feature a distinctive dome-shaped facade made of glass and steel, making this an iconic landmark of the region. By early 2019, it will become a signature destination that will add to the appeal of one of the crucial air hubs of Southeast Asia.

At a glance


automated expense accounting due to data automatically syncing with payroll


hours only to reimburse employees instead of weeks or months


improved budgeting due to scheduled analytic expense reports

The Challenge

For such an ambitious venture, handling the employee claims for benefits and expenses, manually without a consolidated tool, was becoming much of a headache for the concern. The approval of the claims had various strata that needed to be validated: getting clearances form the stakeholders, checking the eligibility of the employees for the claims, deciding upon the limit of claim available to the individual based on their employee history and such. This hindered the employees from getting their claims approved in a feasible time and often, some of the claims went without proper consideration. There was an overall inefficiency, incorrect or excessive payment and the whole process was unduly delayed. Moreover, the HR team couldn’thave a proper control on what was happening at the ground-level.

Solutions offered

With our claims module in place, we provided the admin with the proper yardstick for the claims to be approved against. They could then successfully validate the claims based on that particular eligibility. This meant that even the claims went through a systematic ladder of approvals for its final and proper validation.

We also provided them with a consolidated reporting module to help them track the nature of the claims availed by the employees over a period of time and the consecutive payouts. This gave them a better understanding of the entire claims and expenses process which was not possible with the limited tools they had been using earlier.

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The custom claim process helped define a comprehensive claim setup where entitlement rules, approval processes, document requirements, etc. can be configured in the system.

Enables managers to verify and approve/reject team members’ claims and enables the employees to get notification whenever an application is approved, rejected or cancelled.


Time taken to approve/reject an expense claim was reduced by over 50-60%.

With the proper availability of consolidated reports regarding the usage of the total expenses and benefits claimed, TA-DA was effectively reduced by more than 60%.

Administrators could positively realign the funds, if the reports showed that funds are not being used in one sector of claims, while there is a dearth of funds in another sector.