Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to a more
engaged workforce

Excelity's Core HR people management solution helps digitise and streamline HR processes and save valuable time.


Help your HR to strategise more
and stress less with Excelity's Core HR benefits

Say goodbye to paper and get used to the comfort and precision of digital resources.

Keep important information handy, with our digital backup services.

Enhance corporate communication with organisation-wide adoption of our digital platform.

Seamless platform that makes your work significant, gives a quick value for time when implementing and maintaining a master data project.

Increase employee engagement through celebration of events, birthdays, work anniversaries and more.

One stop shop for the entire organisation's
hierarchy and workforce management and approvals

  • Organisational and functional structure.
  • Organisational management, including role management and cost centres.
  • Job management, including salary structures, grades and bands.
  • Position and vacancy management.
  • One stop for all employee details, such as personal information, contact details, compensations, past experience, skills, etc.
  • Permissions and access control processes.
  • DIY custom roles and access configuration.
  • Letter generation.
  • Bulk data capture capabilities.
  • One platform to access news, policies, notifications, etc.

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With Mobile HCM, empower employees to put requests, seek approvals and view Core HR details on the go.

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Receive actionable insights through real-time analytics and easily comprehensible reports.

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Increase productivity and ease of usage through our artificial intelligence (AI) powered chat assistant - Excelia.

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Third-Party API

Easy integration with a variety of third-party applications (WorkDay, SuccessFactors, Oracle HRMS and more).

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Success stories with us

Employee database management solution for one of the fastest
growing end-to-end software solution providers.

Find out how Excelity HCM's Core HR solutions has helped businesses achieve a 100% increase in employee engagement in the IT sector.

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