Automated and governed
leave administration

Manage employee time-off requests in a transparent, accurate, and efficient way with Excelity's Leave Management solutions.


Leave management made simple

Automate leave processes and administration to increase workforce transparency.

Reduce human errors by automating data capture of employees' in-out times.

Ensure similar entitlement and leave policies across the organisation through Excelity's Leave Management module.

Streamline absence and leave management.

Assign resources and manpower with greater overview, and delegate processes effectively when on leave.

Minimise compliance risks by automating rules and calculations with our innovative workforce management solutions.

Detailed leave tracking for a monitored view of the workforce

Automatic leave accrual and balance management

Ensure reliable leave benefit application for employees. Let employees plan and benefit from leaves - arrive at a comfortable work-life balance and spend time with their families at ease.

Easily set leave definitions and administration

Configure a variety of leave types, policies and plans and use the data for efficient payroll and HR functions.

Tracking on mobile

Enable your employees to benefit from eligible leave via desktop and mobile platforms, and facilitate approvals and applications via mobile devices.

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With Mobile HCM, empower employees to put requests, seek approvals and view Core HR details on the go.

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Receive actionable insights through real-time analytics and easily comprehensible reports.

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Increase productivity and ease of usage through our artificial intelligence (AI) powered chat assistant - Excelia.

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Third-Party API

Easy integration with a variety of third-party applications (WorkDay, SuccessFactors, Oracle HRMS and more).

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Success stories with us

Simple leave management solution for an esteemed chain of academic institutions
in the APAC region.

Find out how Excelity HCM's Leave Management solutions has helped businesses achieve 100% accuracy in tracking employee absence and attendance in the education sector.

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