Gone are the days of signing
a piece of paper or using punch cards!

Get a simple, transparent real-time employee time-tracking solution with Excelity's Mobile Timesheet.
Now improve upto 20 percent of your team's productivity with an easy to use attendance system!


Seamlessly capture all in and out times through a mobile device


Automated and accurate time-tracking of not just the arrival and exit time, but every time an employee comes and goes throughout the day.


Cloud-based, flexible and efficient entries can be recorded through Wi-fi, bluetooth or GPS based on your needs.

Transparency and
workforce visibility

Increase the efficiency of core activities by enabling visibility of an employee’s actual engagement in the office. Track out-of-sight costs and underperforming projects that would have otherwise gone undetected.


Available for Android as well as iOS based devices.

Compare performance
across business units

Easily engage and retain talent with a one-stop solution to effectively manage compensations, expenses and claims, and reward performances.


Streamline compensation systems including overtime and reduce unplanned absences.

Integrability with
existing T&A system

Streamline and track employees' vacation and personal time off with existing Time and Attendance systems.

Mobile timesheet features overview

Easy three-step setup

  • Enrolment by admin.
  • Download Timesheet app from App store or Google Play.
  • Log in just once and you are ready to go!

Timesheet and data reporting

  • Conduct more effective employee performance evaluations with actual data points provided by Timesheet.
  • Compare performance across multiple business units.

Real-time dashboard

  • Real-time updates on the workforce - monitor an employee’s presence in the company premises.
  • Real-time visibility in projects and other key operational metrics that would otherwise remain unaccounted for.

Forecasting and benchmarking

  • Enable accurate forecasting and performance benchmarking with time tracking.
  • Reliable time-tracking facilitates easy benchmarking, budgeting, estimating, and compliance.
  • Make teams effective and the organisation more productive.

Quick access

  • Admin has quick access to consolidated reports across employees and locations.
  • Automated and accurate time-tracking data for quick reviews.

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Third-Party API

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Success stories with us

Mobile time tracking benefit for a pioneer in the staffing industry.

Find out how Excelity HCM's Mobile tracking facility has helped businesses take corrective measures for employees arriving late and increasing revenues upto 4% in the HR staffing sector.

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