From Hire to Retire!

Transform your HR from a task-based function into a strategic partner by leveraging the right human capital management solutions toolkit – Excelity's comprehensive HCM platform.


For organisations to
succeed in today's environment

They must move towards a strategic HR model, which means empowering the HR team to invest time in developing human capital by providing pre-developed processes and platforms to complete HR-centric tasks quickly and accurately.

The future of organisations relies strongly on how effectively and efficiently they manage and meet the requirements of their most important asset- their human capital.

Power your business
with Excelity HCM


Simplify the complexities of payroll processing and make it painless and easy to handle. Leaves, Attendance, Full & Final settlements, expenses, loans and many other processes are seamlessly integrated in Excelity's Payroll cloud solution so that with a single click, you can proceed with all the details like calculations, statutory form generation, payslip and finally payment disbursement files!

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Identify your most productive employees, and where there’s still room for improvement. Excelity's Mobile Timesheet module monitors activities for a transparent view of how your employees have been spending their time at work so you can manage teams more effectively and improve productivity.

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Core HR

Managing employee data is important, and any errors could lead to severe consequences. Excelity's Core HR solution lets you, oversee and manage data, such as personal records, healthcare data, onboarding and off-boarding requirements and other key employment documents efficiently.

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Get instant notifications for leave applications and approve pending leave requests with all the details you need at one place. Excelity's intuitive Leave Management module automatically updates your employee roster and timesheets, making it easy for you to track leaves on the go.

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Enhance the productivity of new recruits by immersing employees in the work culture and ethos of the organisation even before they step into the office with a digitally engaging and structured onboarding process solution. Optimise hiring costs and resource planning with Excelity's Recruitment module.

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Boost employee performance and deliver the right talent pool to your organisation with effective employee performance evaluation. Set goals, enable quick reviews, monitor performance, and hone your employees' skills to suit the needs of your business better with Excelity's Performance Management module.

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Time and

Streamline multiple shifts and overtime requests through a real-time dashboard. You can track time, manage hourly employees and import hours to payroll through the same dashboard effortlessly with Excelity's Time and Attendance module.

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Claims and

Process claims and expenses without paperwork. Submit expenses and create expense reports with ease for reimbursement, since Excelity's Claims and Expenses directly integrates it with your payroll ensuring your employees are aptly compensated for their extra efforts.

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With Mobile HCM, empower employees to put requests, seek approvals and view Core HR details on the go.

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Receive actionable insights through real-time analytics and easily comprehensible reports.

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Increase productivity and ease of usage through our artificial intelligence (AI) powered chat assistant - Excelia.

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Third-Party API

Easy integration with a variety of third-party applications (WorkDay, SuccessFactors, Oracle HRMS and more).

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Enjoy the freedom
of focusing on strategic HR functions
and all the tasks that matter.

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