One of the leading payroll service providers in Asia Pacific in terms of payroll revenues covering 20 countries.

With Payroll services a key foundational element of Excelity’s HR BPaaS offering and the core of its heritage, coupled with its proprietary platforms as the foundation of its Managed services. Excelity stays focussed on its payroll services business and continue to solidify itself as a leading APAC payroll solution provider and platform.
NelsonHall estimates that Excelity ‘s 2019 payroll services revenues will increase by ~15% to ~20%.

With Strong brand presence and recognition as a leading provider in the APAC region. Excelity offers a fully managed payroll offering (technology and services) with capability to provide multi country payroll and transactional HR services to clients headquartered throughout APAC, currently able to support 20 countries in APAC. ExcelityPay, Excelity’s proprietary payroll platform in the APAC region covering 14 countries and continually expanding through the roadmap.


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