Mutual feeling of compassion makes Excelity's employees reach out to helpless people

Source: Excelity Global
Date: May 14, 2020

Globally, everyone passionately awaits the return of normalcy into the daily lifestyle, but to make sure that everyone sails through to success after these tough times, we need to hold onto each other. Whereas, the fortunate ones are able to survive these situations, the underprivileged feel even more helpless and thus stranded.

In crisis situations like these, a community union or pact to help these underprivileged people makes them feel wanted and ensures safety for them too. Community building comes through positivity and understanding amongst people. Exactly how, employees of Excelity, came together to extend their support to underprivileged people

We initiated the whole process with a single message being sent across by one of the colleagues on May 14, 2020. We responded to the call for donors to fund the food to be distributed to the street dwellers in Manila. With support coming from colleagues, their families and friends, the team prepared and geared up all the supplies with only one goal in mind, to ensure that help reaches the less fortunate people. Around 200 food packs and bottled water distributed on a single day.

We at Excelity Philippines, has been planning for an outreach program since last year.  We had never imagined that this pandemic situation would open the doors for us to be able to reach out to our less fortunate brothers.  We are thankful to Rose, her family and the private group of individuals that through their coordinated efforts, we were able to help others.  It is by compassion that we will heal as one.

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