Unleash the power of analytics and
business intelligence in HR

Gain a single view of HR processes across the organisation with Excelity HCM's real-time data analytics.

Easily visualise, understand and, act on HR analytics and data in real-time,
with complete end-to-end reporting capabilities

Facilitate data-driven decision making for HR activities.

Usher in better transparency, effectiveness and governance for HR teams.

Eliminate scenarios of excessive payments, undue variances, unnecessary attrition, etc.

Dashboards and drill down abilities to find root causes (RCA).

Predictive analysis for attrition, payouts and other projections.

Get employee, payroll and all your relevant HR data
the way you want it.

Payroll analytics

  • Payout analysis.
  • Salary component breakups.
  • Location-wise and pay group level analysis.

Employee analytics

  • Sort through employee profile by job levels, source of hires, departments, etc.
  • Gender-wise and location-wise breakup.
  • Part-time vs full-time details.
  • Active employee details.

Other HR analytics

  • Disciplinary action analysis.
  • Hiring analysis (year-on-year and month-on-month).
  • Tenure analysis.
  • Contractor-employee details.

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With Mobile HCM, empower employees to put requests, seek approvals and view Core HR details on the go.

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Receive actionable insights through real-time analytics and easily comprehensible reports.

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Increase productivity and ease of usage through our artificial intelligence (AI) powered chat assistant - Excelia.

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Third-Party API

Easy integration with a variety of third-party applications (WorkDay, SuccessFactors, Oracle HRMS and more).

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