With a presence in 40 countries in Asia-Pacific and the META region, let Excelity manage your end to end Payroll and Compliance.

Growing organisations often face problems in keeping up with changing regulatory frameworks and training additional HR teams, which adds to the costs the organisation has to incur. Let us help you in making it simple


Payroll processes are increasingly being
outsourced as growing organisations realise

the inefficiency of traditional systems in the face of changing regulatory frameworks.

Free your HR to invest time and efforts in important HR functions with
Excelity's Payroll Outsourcing service

Error minimisation
and savings

Automated payroll outsourcing services allows more time for your team to focus on strategic HR functions.


Excercise centralised control across geographies. Choose between our centers of excellence (CoE) in India, Malaysia, and China.

Automated reporting
and reconciliation

Embrace automation and move away from tedious, manual administrative reporting to cutting-edge payroll services.


Payroll support capability and experience in more than 40 countries across the Asia-Pacific region, including proprietary payroll platform in 14 countries. Excelity is the APAC leader in payroll outsourcing.


Consistent tax compliance across multiple countries, including updates in line with regulatory changes at one go.


Our system is configured for flexibility, ensuring we meet your unique payroll calculation needs, whatever they may be through the Custom Formula Builder feature.

Data security

Strong emphasis on IT security and cutting-edge technology to keep your payroll data safe. SSAE 18/SOC 2 type II certified, GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 and ISO 7001 certified processes. ABS 3402 compliance (Singapore only).


Our adherence to standard payroll processes means that you can rely on robust, documented, and systematic procedures to support your business.

performance metrics

Go beyond standard reporting with tools that allow you to make decisions with regional and country-level metrics and analytics spanning across strategic as well as transactional functions.


A single payroll platform for all your business entities, ensuring simplicity and consistency across all your payroll processes.

Single point of

Account manager assigned at the time of signing the contract.

Multi-country payroll outsourcing features overview


  • Cater to the unique payroll needs of each regional unit.
  • Stay in line with the requirements of the parent company while fulfilling the payroll needs of each business entity.
  • Facility to add new pay elements and configure validations on input data as per your need.
  • Our proprietary custom formula builder allows the creation of unique payroll formulae based on your requirements.

Advanced technological framework

  • We always remain up-to-date.
  • About 30 percent of our workforce is dedicated to technological development and support, illustrating its importance in our operations.
  • We integrate multiple platforms with our payroll process.
  • Our inbuilt calculation logics enables ready-to-date reports, allowing for a smoother workflow.


  • Outsource your payroll processing requirements to us.
  • Standard compliance procedure in all our systems eliminates the risk of operational glitches and enables uniform operations.
  • Our Data Recovery (DR) system and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ensure the safety of your payroll data.


  • We free you up to do what you do best.
  • Comprehensive suite of customisable, built-in management tools, including notifications and automatic reminders for managers and employees.
  • Ability to deploy trained and expert payroll professionals in any country, including Singapore, with minimal ramp-up time.


  • Consistent tax compliance.
  • Our technology makes compliance systemic by tracking the relevant statutory obligations in each region.


  • Sustained growth or systemic changes – we can handle both.
  • The use of a single payroll process and platform, across all units, makes implementation and migration both fast and simple, allowing for smooth shifts in scale or structure.


  • Effortless implementation and use.
  • Uniform and universal processes that are implemented immediately in a secure environment, reducing operational requirements and risk.
  • Common reporting on a range of issues, including pay slips, ensuring an easy overview of your operations.


  • Eliminate input errors with automatic checks.
  • Documented, transparent, and best-in-class payroll processes.
  • Inbuilt system of automatic checks and counter-checks to ensure that your data is captured, used, and shared correctly.
  • A wide range of self-service options means that employees can access and manage their benefits and tax submissions directly, reducing the risk of input errors.


  • More than two decades of experience and expertise in 40 countries in the APAC region, Excelity is one of the leaders in payroll outsourcing services.
  • Local support and expert panels in every country we operate in.
  • Multi-language support to facilitate smooth interactions.

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